Illinois Welding School History and Philosophy


Illinois Welding School firmly believes in every person’s ability to earn a meaningful income through dedication to learning a marketable skill.  As we say, anyone can Learn to Earn. We are committed to providing the quality education and skills necessary to meet welding industry needs.

The curriculum is a career- specific and designed to maximize your training in the areas most critical to your industry goals.

Because welding is such a versatile skill, your opportunities in the welding industry are endless.  Our advisory staff is equipped to help you choose the training program best fitted to bring you success both in today’s job market and the ever changing welding industry


In 1997, there was a need for dedicated welding instruction intended to prepare welders for industry. Illinois Welding School filled that need, opening its doors in May 1997. Today Illinois Welding School is an intense, results-oriented and professional welding training school. The school operates year-round, educating students on welding safety, processes and techniques in addition to blueprint reading, welding symbols and pipefitting. In 2003, IWS expanded to serve the Chicago-land area by opening the Romeoville Extension Campus.  In 2010 due to the economy, the Peoria area location did close.  However the Romeoville location is doing better than ever before.  Illinois Welding School operates with 35 welding and cutting stations, equipped with fume collection systems, individual welding machines, weld benches, positioners and fixtures; open for business during a first shift and second shiftMonday through Friday.


Training and Work Ethic

Welding is a skill, a skill that can only be honed with practice. Illinois Welding School offers four career-oriented programs, each with a narrow focus on the goals of our students. The program curriculum operates with over 70 percent hands on training in the weld shop and a minimum of 30 percent spent in the classroom.

We require the same personal qualities from students that employers require from their employees. Dependability, a positive attitude and a good work ethic are critical to each student’s success. Quality work and safe work habits are essential. These core values have been and will continue to be the keystone of our training programs.

Every Illinois Welding School Instructor is AWSD1.1 Certified and qualified in the processes they teach. Our seasoned instructors have a combined 50+years practical, on-the-job welding experience. Our student-instructor ratio is a maximum twenty to one, assuring each student receives the personalized instruction they need.

Caring Administrators

Illinois Welding School encourages all students to take advantage of our advisory staff and placement assistance programs. We help each student choose the program that best suits his or her career goals, schedule and financial circumstance. With four career-specific training programs, two short terms courses and day and evening classes, Illinois Welding School has a multitude of options to personally fit each student’s needs.


At Illinois Welding School, we set you on the fast track for success!

Call us toll free for additional information and class dates (888)-632-WELD