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Applicants must be 18 years of age. Each applicant must be able to read, write and speak English.
A high school diploma or equivalent is required for programs 101, 102, 103 and 104.  

All applicants must make an appointment to meet with a school administrator prior to acceptance into a program. During this visit, we recommend that you discuss your career goals and training objectives. We can help you direct an education and training plan based on your goals.

To apply for admission, please contact Illinois Welding School and schedule an interview and a tour of the school facilities.  At that time, we will complete an application for enrollment, discuss your career goals and answer questions you may have about the school.  Please bring a copy of your high school diploma, transcript or equivalent.  In addition, we will need a photo of your driver’s license or a photo ID. Illinois Welding School does not charge any type of application or initial enrollment fee. All deposits will be credited towards the student’s tuition.

Because of the specialized nature of the training offered, transfer credits are not accepted.

Tuition payment arrangements must be made prior to final acceptance into any program.

Students may pay in full or set up an individualized payment plan prior to enrollment. Payments may be made in cash, check or credit card. Illinois Welding School accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Students wishing to apply for a vocational loan may contact school administrators for step by step instructions. Students obtaining vocational loans to pay for their tuition must have confirmation of the loan in our office prior to the start date.

Students may work with their personal banking institution to obtain a loan for the amount of program tuition.

Veterans wishing to use their education benefits may discuss this with school administrators, however certain benefits are not yet approved.

Scholarships from organizations such as WorkForce Network, Careerlink, Department of Human Services, American Welding Society and many other sources are welcome. Unfortunately, we do not accept Federal funding at this time.


Tuition is recommended to be paid in full before your starting date. However, if for any reason, you are not able to make the total tuition payment prior to starting, it is requested that you speak to the Administrator about other possibilities that are available.  If you are accepted by the Illinois Welding School and have a need to withdraw prior to your start date, all tuition and registration fees paid will be refunded.

Illinois Welding School does not offer school loans. However, we will help applicants who qualify to find financial assistance in any way possible. Again, Visa, Discover and Master Card are accepted.



Job Placement Assistance

Students who successfully complete any of the four program courses #101-Production Welding Specialist, #102-Structural Welding Specialist, #103 Pipe Welding Specialist, #104 Combination Structural/Pipe Welding Specialist are eligible for placement assistance. Our dedication to the Illinois Welding School "Learn to Earn" training concept is continued through the employment process.

The entire Illinois Welding School staff is working toward preparing each student for a job in the welding industry. Illinois Welding School cannot and does not guarantee employment, but we do feel quality job placement is the standard by which a successful training program measures its performance.


Students are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks. Textbooks can be purchased directly through the Hobart Institute for Welding Technology’s website at,
under “Books>Programmed Learning Packets.”


Students are responsible for purchasing steel toed, above the ankle boots and a 4 ½ inch grinder. These supplies can typically be purchased at a hardware store. If students have any questions about obtaining these supplies, they are encouraged to ask IWS staff or faculty members who will be happy to help with recommendations.


The school does not provide housing or meals. We will be pleased to help you find affordable accommodations in the greater Romeoville area. 


Illinois Welding School students are not covered by school health insurance or workers compensation plans. 

Students are responsible for their own health and accident treatment expense.

Learning Resources
Illinois Welding School provides learning resources to students in the form of books, journals, videos, and internet. Students can access learning resources, as needed, during the hours of operation.